EL DE SOL: Hart Stemless Glass

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El De Sol. Luxury Engraved Glassware - engraved with your initials. 

The Story.

El De Sol was born out of our pure love of exquisite high-end restaurant and vineyard quality glassware, creating a desire and opportunity to bring high quality, luxury glassware into the comfort of our own homes. When you pick up this glassware, we anticipate these pieces be an exceptional accessory and willing companion to toast, celebrate, giggle, cry, and make treasured memories with, with the people you love the most. An opulent extension to our already existing affordable glassware range, each piece is carefully and perfectly engraved by Bambi to offer a high-end personalised glassware experience that you’ll undoubtedly fall purely and deeply in love with.

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Hart Stemless Glass

Hart is one of my favourite glasses of this collection as it was easily one of my favourite wineries we visited in California – Hartford. It’s a small vineyard but it has such a strong impact on the both of us. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason and that the universe has our fate planned and our destinies set? On this day, we tasted the first barrel of a new drop of Pinot Noir from this winery (the best Pinot I have ever tasted), and we purchased the first ever bottle available for sale to bring home with us - one that we planned to open on our first wedding anniversary. But the universe had set a different path for me. Instead, we swapped our bottle of Pinot for a virgin cocktail, as we were expecting our first baby girl.

This glass is intended to have so many uses. Wine, spirits, cocktails (virgin included). That’s why Hart is our universal glass - it is a testament to the Universe’s plans, adapting, and making the most of what life blesses us with.

400ml, 99mm tall.

Our glasses are made in Italy with the finest crystal glass reinforced with titanium.  Manufactured with a perfect glass distribution, these super-light stems offer pure elegance and impressive functionality. The flattened base on the bowl ensures a high aeration of the wine as it increases the headspace, thus reproducing a decanter effect.



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